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Virtual on Line or via phone

$1.00 per minute, create your own what works for you

Inner Peace Energy Session:

*Begins with a Sound Healing Infused Guided Meditation with Distant Reiki and Bioscalar based energy work. Clients usually will have a feeling of being more centered and elevated in their mood and general wellness. This session encourages relaxation, quiet stress related thoughts, open awareness to one’s own inner guidance, increase physical energy, promote a healthy immune system, harmonizing the mind/body/spirit and more. This treatment can also promote clarity of mind and focus to enhance mental & physical performance.

Natural Healing and Self Care One Day Retreat Workshop: TBA

(Minimum of 5 to run retreat, so bring a friend!)

Natural Healing Series with Aromatherapy using essential oils. We will explore aromatherapy on both an energetic and scientific level. Learning how to incorporate it’s uses in everyday life to support physical health while elevating self awareness, improving heart- mind connection, and helping our internal light shine bright. Each retreat will start with a short meditation, followed by teaching and hands on practice, ending with a brief sound healing session. Included with class fee (along with above) is access to essential oils & carrier oils for blending, products for practice, make and take at each class, and hand-outs for lasting knowledge.
Class Dates:

Cost: $149.00 (11:00am - 4:30pm)
**This class is not oil brand specific**
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