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 Transformational Healing Session
$130.00/ 90 minutes
An integration of a natural healing session and an integrative bodywork session.This may include but not limited to integrative bodywork infused with vibrational sound healing, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, and hot stones within the client's comfort level. This session incorporates an intention for transformational healing to wellness mind-body-soul.

Natural Healing Energy Session:

$70.00/ 30 min. $100.00/ 60 min.

$130/ 90 min.

*Begins with a Sound Healing Infused Guided Meditation with Reiki and Bio-scalar based energy work infused with sound healing and aromatherapy.  to unblock stagnate energy and increase flow. Clients will leave feeling more centered and elevated in their mood and general wellness. This session encourages relaxation, quiet stress related thoughts, open awareness to one’s own inner guidance, increase physical energy, promote a healthy immune system, harmonizing the mind/body/spirit and more. This treatment can also promote clarity of mind and focus to enhance mental & physical performance.

Mobile natural healing and transformational bodywork therapy

Out-calls/ House Calls
available at practitioner's discretion.
Rate of Service
plus Travel Fee - $25.00 (additional $5.00 for locations more than 15 miles from home office)
Student Rates 12-18 years old:
$50.00/ 45 minutes
$65.00/ 60 minutes
Children under 12- Call For Rates
Students in College Call for Rate

Energy For Life Coaching 

150.00/ 90 min.
(Follow-ups 130.00)
Ask me more!
Focused sessions on dreams and goals and the obstacles that may be i the way. A great way to find your true soul's purpose.

Private In-Home
Yoga and Yoga with Massage

Yoga & Sound healing session
$75.00 (No Travel Fee)
~ Individuals or small groups up to 5 ~

Yoga & Sound Healing with Integrative Bodywork Therapy
$150.00 (No Travel Fee)

Knead A Detox:
Chi- Machine (promotes cellular energy and improves body's circulation, Raindrop Therapy with light bodywork to back (uses blended essential oils along the spine to relax , release toxins, and aid in detox effects), abdominal effleurage (breaking up stagnation, increase flow circulation to liver and digestive systems to aid in body's detox) , Detox Foot Masque & Scrub (using hand-made bentonite clay mask and Epsom salt foot scrub). Reflexology Lymph Drainage add-on can be included.
$120.00/ 75 minute 
$150.00/ 90 minutes with Reflexology Lymph Drainage Technique

Transformational Bodywork 

$ 70.00/ 30 minutes

$.100.00/ 60 minutes

$130.00/ 90 minutes

$150.00.00/ 120 minutes

(May include other natural modalities as offered in the full healing session at the client's request and comfort level)

Herbal Readings & Holistic Education
$175.00 Includes full herbal consult and reading with education on resources and remedies, energy balancing at time of session, and a written report of findings, if requested. This fee incorporates a 30- minute follow up visit (in person or remote) as well.

Herbal readings use techniques to observe the face, sclera, tongue, and fingernails to assess lines, markings, shapes, colors, etc to indicate possible imbalances and strengths of an individual accompanied by natural based education and discussion on of plants and other healing modalities that assist with or enhance one's natural health.

**Mini Herbal Clinics will be offered monthly $40.00/ 40 minutes, these will be posted as scheduled. A good introduction if unsure of how herbalism and natural healing can help you.** Stay tuned or connect with Sarah to find out more.
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