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Sarah Boehler

Energy Medicine & Sound Therapy Practitioner (Reiki Master/ Bio Scalar Certified), Transformational Bodyworker,

Energy for Life Flow Coach & Spiritual Counselor, LMT, RN, Certified in Aromatherapy, Intuitive Herbalist & Earth Based Medicine Practices, Shamanic Journey Facilitating Past Life Work and Mediumship through Conscious Communication

I incorporate holistic energy-based practices I have learned over the last 12 years (& continue to study) along with the scientific-based knowledge I gained as a 25+ year registered nurse. Each session is able to meet the needs of the client on multiple levels assisting to create physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. I am grateful to be supported and mentored by Lisa Ishwari Murphy, Master Healer of Fairhaven Healing Arts - rooted in the teachings of natural laws of the universe.

These natural energy-based practices can be used to:

*Increase and help maintain energy levels and circulation for optimal daily performance 

*Heighten focus and clarity for stronger awareness, task completion, and productivity.

*Alleviate acute and chronic pain symptoms thereby improving overall quality of life.

*Beneficial in stress-related anxiety management

*Aid in enhancing the body's own healing process after injury/ trauma.

*Maintain wellness by enhancing the body's immune system

*Best of all provide a sacred space for rest and relaxation.

From sun and fun to overcast and rest...
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