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Integrative/ Transformative Bodywork:

Transformative Bodywork is a blend of energy-based bodywork and therapeutic massage techniques to let the body relax and heal promoting improved quality of life and wellness specifically for you. All bodywork is offered at the client's comfort level. Transformative bodywork will at times utilize hot stones, aromatherapy with essential oils, energy medicine, and vibrational sound therapy to achieve optimal results with each session.

In this hands-on modality the body is energetically and intuitively assessed for tension, holding patterns, and decrease flow. This can be caused by injury, pain, stress, and other daily life patterns.

Using transformational bodywork is helpful in unblocking stuck energy interfering in one's own healing ability. This type of healing work reduces tension, promotes relaxation, ad assist the body to improve flow and circulation.

Energy Medicine/ Reiki/ Bio-Scalar:

These are practices that use the natural energy that is all around and within us. Energy medicine has been used to enhance physical well-being, increase mental clarity, restore emotional balance, and deepen our own intuition.

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